E-commerce operations

We provide end – to – end services to run E-commerce operations across the main platforms in China.

We have a strong Distributor DNA. We work with a Buy Out model, buying the stock from our clients and selling to the final consumers in China. We are focused on concrete results as our reward is directly linked to brand sales performances

We have strong expertise on traditional E-commerce and Cross Border E-commerce (CBEC), both B2C and B2B2C. We have proven track record to grow the business of established brands in China and launch new brands in the market. Our E-Operation team manages the setup and the day-to-day operations, promotions and customer service for our brands. We deliver world class and seamless customer experience when shopping online at our various online stores across the main online platforms in China. We take full responsibility of the online business of our clients:

  • Brand site design, development and operations across the main platforms in China (Tmall, JD, Jumei, YHD, Wechat, … )
  • Marketing and Promotional strategy
  • Commercial and Pricing Strategy
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Disintermediation of the parallel market

Our competitive advantage

  • Traditional and CBEC online market in China is fragmented and increasingly mobile (50% of total E-Commerce sales is through mobile)
  • Online platforms can be B2C (Tmall) or B2B2C (VIP)
  • Evlonet is one the few players organized to sell across all online platforms both on PC and mobiles (E.g. Wechat)
  • We develop dedicated commercial & marketing strategies (product choice, promotions, …) for each platform aiming at maintaining good market governance.

We have achieved several important awards proving that our capabilities are industy leading. Among others, we have won the award as the best Tmall Global Flagship store in 2015 and most recently we have achieved the No. 1 ranking in Tmall (Alibaba) service companies evaluation. This is an holistic evaluation from operations, logistic, marketing & sales execution, customer service, collaboration with Tmall, etc and there are more than 20,000 service companies in the pool.

Disintermediation of the parallel market

We have developed a proven methodology and approach to reduce fake goods, parallel distribution and implement brand pricing strategy

Most brands face the big challenges in building Mainland China business due to higher prices compared to other geographies. This leads to a strong parallel market at lower prices.
Global pricing harmonization is strategically right but difficult to implement due to physiological exchange rate fluctuations, different pricing corridors by region and the complexity of absorbing the financial impact of the price reduction in China.
We have developed a step by step methodology to address this specific issue which is proven to be very effective.
Our model allows brands to progressively reduce non official distributors and grow the control of the online market. Our model and approach allows brands to effectively disintermediate parallel market, reduce fake goods, align prices (China vs EU) and capture the online potential, by shifting the current online volumes from non authorized retailers to brand flagship store and few selected authorized retailers.
The shift is done step by step in order to maintain the sales volumes and progressively align prices to EU levels in order to limit the parallel importation.
Our methodology is a 3 step approach

  • Initial assessment & analysis of the market: In depth analysis of the current brand online distribution to identify main non authorized retailers and fake goods. Analysis of pricing level, brand positioning and image - qui mettere un link tipo “Find out more”
  • Partnership and Collaboration: We offer top performing non authorized retailers to become authorized brand retailers. We close down fake goods sites and non collaborative retailers. We monitor wholesales flows to identify source of parallel import. We start growing brand flagship store sales and aligning prices - qui mettere un link tipo “Find out more”
  • Close parallel distribution: We move traffic to the brand flagship store and we minimize the number of authorized stores by selecting the top performing retailers in (performances and brand identity alignment). We stop parallel import - qui mettere un link tipo “Find out more”

Initial assessment & analysis of the market

  • We have developed strong expertise on Intellectual Property Management
  • Recently we have been appointed by ICE as their strategic partner in China for Intellectual Property management of Italian brands
  • We have key capabilities who allow us to effectively reduce fake goods and IP issues for our clients:
    - Consistent & Continuous Market Monitoring Tools towards Channels/ Platforms
    - Good relationship and understanding within E-commerce channels/platforms
    - Dedicate In house legal team with strong experience in IP protections and infringements; good relationships with official bureaus, committees and courts
  • We have a successful track record on existing market governance cases such as P&G, Mead Johnson, Shanghai, Jahwa, etc.

Partenrship and collaboration

IP Management – Our consolidated approach
• Spider software gathering data from Alibaba DB
• Big data analysis on Alipay transaction DB
(The two sources are combined and analysed dynamically)
We offer non-authorised stores to become authorized distributors following our market governance rules. We provide them sell in volumes, investment budget, pricing/marketing guideline, warehousing and logistics.
Leveraging on platform rules we force non collaborative stores to stop their operations. Platforms rules allow an escalating approach. From blocking Alipay payments to closing the store for 3 months to formal challenge.
Invest and deploy several store and formats (monobrand/multibrand) to improve all Tmall sites visibility and optimize search.