Digital Marketing & Social Media

Evlonet offers a unique marketing proposition for brands catered to the Chinese market.

For each client, we develop a detailed online marketing strategy prepared with specific timeframes and key performance objectives at each step. We make use of advanced tools and techonologies. We design, build and operate effective social media and digital marketing strategies allowing for fast and broad brand building. From setting up your social media account (Wechat, Weibo), to driving traffic, to improving the effectiveness of the Media investment, increasing engagements and boosting sales through our large database of KOLs, our service is unparalleled.

Social Media
Social Media (Wechat, Weibo) have a strong influence on consumers' shopping behavior. Brands need to leverage these tools to engage with consumers in China, drive brand awareness, visibility, brand identity and education. We provide end-to-end services and we have strong expertise on the main social media platforms. From setting up and configuring the brand's social media account, Marketing & Communication, Selected E-commerce initiatives and full E-commerce launch and operations.

Digital Marketing & Big Data
Our marketing team has consolidated experience in working for leading international players and a have strong expertise on the different marketing tools across the main E-commerce platforms in China (Tmall, JD, YHD, VIP etc.). We have developed proprietary technologies on Big Data Modelling and we are the first player to use big data methodology on Chinese online business. Our proprietary Big Data technology is proven to increase Digital Marketing investment ROI together with all the main KPIs. The model is a real breakthrough in the Media & Advertising planning process and drives significantly better KPIs across all investment measures. We are able to define the most effective Media strategy starting from the understanding of the consumer profile. The model links what people say and think about a brand/category and their purchasing behavior (e.g. one consumer likes a product/brand but he doesn’t buy it because he thinks it's too expensive).

Key Opinion Leader
Our proprietary Key Opinion Leader (KOL) technology allows for effective and predictable world of mouth programs, where Social Influencers (KOL) get an incentive when their followers/fans respond to the “call to action”. Our Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) network allows for a fast and broad brand building and our proprietary technology on KOL programs allows us to predict ROI in Social Media investments. We have a comprehensive portfolio of KOLs covering the most relevant categories in China.