Omnichannel Retail

We have developed a unique Omnichannel retail model that allows brands to link physical stores to online sales and client relationship.

Our Omnichannel Retail model allows brands to link physical stores to online sales and client relationship Our system allows stores to get part of the profit pool when consumers buy on line as we build a link between the consumer online purchase and the store that activated him/her. This is the first Omnichannel model able to actively engage stores in consumer online enrolment Our model runs on proprietary systems, and it has been developed to easily integrate with our clients database and systems.

  • Our model is not perceived as a threat to reduce store revenues by store managers
  • Each consumer is associated to the store where he is activated. Stores get full margin on first purchase and an incentive on following sales
  • This is a great win-win-win solution and technology
    • Consumers win as they have access to top quality western products;
    • Stores win as they get additional and continuous margin with no cash/stock complexity to handle
    • Brands win as they can build a one to one relationship with consumers on Wechat, deliver personalized and targeted promotions and sell them continuously.
    • Brands can also benefit significant advantages in terms of stock management (consumers can access the complete range online when scanning the QR code) productivity, traffic to offline stores via CRM+O2O
  • We design and run the model for our clients and we handle all the operations (Logistics, QR printing, system integration, store operations, marketing and communication, customer care,…)